Community Health Partnership

Established in 2006, members work together to assist seniors with a variety of resources and service needs. They are a collection of safety net services that meet once a month, but communicate constantly on about health needs to transportation issues. They are a door-to-door program for unseen people in the community. The Partnership consists of a public outreach nurse for Placer and Nevada County, gatekeepers services, hospice people, as well, those who provide home-delivered meals. Since forming there are no longer duplicating services and are much more constructive with time. This coalition allows seniors to maintain independence at home while promoting healthy aging; they keep them out of long-term assistance. Most of the clients are long-time community members. Due to client confidentiality, meetings are closed unless you are asked to attend by an active member. For more information, contact Sarah at

Early Learning Partnership

This started via First 5 Nevada County in order to talk about issues of family and children of prenatal to age 5. They hold Pre-K articulation meetings for smooth transitions for kids, with providers and teachers in both counties. Anyone is invited to attend to talk about issues related to birth to age 5. People are invited to put things on the agenda if they wish.
The group meets five times a year. If you are interested in families, children or provider issues for young children, contact Ruth at

Tahoe-Truckee Future without Drug Dependence (FWDD)

FWDD’s mission is to build a healthy community free from drug and alcohol abuse. Its vision is for all Tahoe-Truckee communities to be safe, healthy, and free of drug and alcohol dependence, and its impacts. The FWDD Coalition advocates for responsible practices and policies by all members of the community to promote the value to young people that drugs and alcohol are not a necessary component of having fun.

FWDD is a community-wide coalition formed in January of 2010, comprised of diverse members from at least 12 different sectors working together to reduce, prevent or delay youth substance abuse. Sectors include youth, parents, faith, schools, youth serving organizations, law enforcement, business, civic, government, health care, media, alcohol, and other drug prevention and treatment professionals. FWDD’s priority areas is prevention of use and risk of substance abuse by our youth; substances may include alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

For more information and to get involved with the coalition please contact: River Coyote (Project Director) 530 546-1924 or Devin Bradley (Project Coordinator) 530 550-2309

Tahoe Truckee Child Abuse Prevention Council

The Council was established in 1978. The Council helped provide the funding to start CCTT, which started as Children’s Community of Tahoe Truckee. The Council is funded through birth certificate fees from Placer and Nevada counties. The Council must deliver special community events around child abuse prevention. Now they are working on events that are more focused on child abuse prevention. They believe a caring community keeps children safe from abuse. To put a light on whom they are the Council offers a pocket calendar with a list of resources and contacts for parents and community members.

They are open to anyone, especially parents. They meet the first Thursday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at either the FRC of Truckee or the North Lake Tahoe FRC. If you are interested in learning more or email

Tahoe Truckee Nutrition Coalition

The Nutrition coalition brings nutrition and physical activity information for kids to agencies, hospitals, school and parents. Right now they are targeting elementary school-age kids with more of a presence in birth to age 5. If they change their eating and exercise habits now, they will be healthy for life. It’s harder to reverse trends. They are supporting the schools in creating healthy environments and working on district policy and implementation of the policy.In school, they have started “Harvest of the Month,” with 84 classrooms participating. They come to after-school programs, the Boys & Girls Club and A+ group. The Nutrition Coalition is open to anyone. Contact Maria at They meet the second Thursday of the month, splitting their location between Kings Beach and Truckee.

Tahoe Truckee Perinatal Outreach Team

They have been meeting since 1999. They are a group of service providers that work primarily with moms and babies, prenatal to 12 months. They link parents with other services after the baby is 12 months. Earlier work with prenatal, intervention with birth outcome. They do referrals, service coordination, linkages among providers, case reviews and adoption plans and make sure duplication is not happening. They have roundtables annually with doctors, nurses, OB/Gyns.

They meet the second Tuesday of the month at Sierra Mountain Community Education Center. Contact Cindy at for more information. Meetings are not open.

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